The Car Barn

A lifelong dream becomes reality. After years of planning and careful contemplation push came to shove when Hurricane Sandy blew away the temporary storage. Resources were quickly pulled together, a design that had been evolving for years was put on paper and construction started. Two bays – one for storage and one for service were constructed with careful consideration on materials selection for classic appearance. Future needs and options were also considered so the structure could live beyond it’s current use.

The “Storage Bay” is 20′ x 60′ and will store up to 6 cars as is but can handle 12 cars with stacker lifts. The “Service Bay” is 16′ x 46′ and will have a 2 post service lift at the back. A trolley crane will run across the barn about mid way back and will be able to move large items out of the backs of pickup trucks or bodies off of frames – the possibilities are endless! While the overhead door openings will only be 10′ the ceiling height will be 13′-1″ and will allow future owners more options for storage of heavy equipment, trucks or motor homes. The two overhead doors will be 16′ wide and 12′ wide on each of the two bays, so getting in & out will be easy.