Basketball Court Barn

A lifelong dream becomes a reality at this weekend home of a NYC restaurant owner.

Constructed from the ground up this barn is another in a long line of collaborations with the design studio of Stacey Keaney. After years of conversations and ideas between the owner & Oak Street, Stacey was brought in to help translate the design ideas into build-able plans.

Sometimes our work is pedestrian and boring, sometimes it’s challenging & exciting – this project luckily fell into the latter.  Hidden beams to support roof loads, high-impact sheetrock, floating floors, multiple coats of urethane court paints after painstaking layouts, commercial style exposed heating – not a lot of this project fell into the pedestrian category.  This was a fun project from the start – and built up from there.  You can’t walk through the doors here without smiling about what is hidden inside and I’m sure everyone feels the same way who visits this barn.

This 4 month project brought us from ledge & field to a completed, usable pool house that also houses a half court basketball court.


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