30 Days in the Hook

It’s a sign of the times & the result of a down economy but foreclosures are everywhere. This house in Sandy Hook had been neglected for years! The yard was overgrown, the kitchen was disgusting, the walls looked like the color chart had exploded & the mechanicals were neglected beyond belief. The entire house was painted, the outside got power washed, the master bathroom was completely redone while the others were updated. New carpeting, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, counter tops, appliances, shutters and a new front door all found their way in – we even added Air Conditioning.

Just like on TV we made our offer & closed in a week, set a deadline, a budget & went to work. 30 days later the results speak for themselves and with just 1 day on the market buyers were writing their offer. Like a phoenix rising from the fire, we breathed new life into this once neglected home & will soon be turning it over to it’s new owners.

I’ve found that homes, just like cars, either want to be restored or don’t. Some will fight you with every nail, but this one was happy to be re-born & we were happy to do it.