Turn of the Century Transformation

Every life has it’s cycle and so does every home. Owners come and go, make changes & leave there marks. This Ridgefield, Connecticut home was reborn in 2012 with a new addition and a major renovation. Jeff Mose from Mose Associates Architects provided the inspiration & our team provided the perspiration with the homeowners adding a little sweat equity of their own.

The old garage and kitchen came off making way for the new. The roofing & siding went as did the front porch. Mechanicals were all replaced & updated with new and the overgrowth was removed providing a nice unobstructed view from the street.

Every surface was refinished, all new doors were hung, the bathrooms were completely re-fitted and finished and a full kitchen was installed just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. With everything moved in and a new baby on it’s way the new owners will enjoy this old house and it will live on for generations to come.