Chimney Point Cottage

This was another project done in collaboration with designer Stacey Keaney and was the major renovation of a Candlewood lake summer home.

Comfort & easy living were the targets in this major renovation with a focus on style.  From the rooftop balcony off the master bedroom to the dinning room bay overlooking the lake, clean lines & careful materials selections brought this home from a nondescript stopping point to a memories destination.

Construction started the first week in March and we HAD to be done June 30th.  This had to have been the wettest spring on record – in fact out of the 30 days in June, we had rain on 27 of them!  Well the tarps went up, and never came down – we worked every day that spring, and luckily the neighborhood put up with us.

”Chris Haggerty and his entire team were fabulous. The entire process, from pre-planning to move-in was an exceptional, collaborative, enjoyable experience that we would again embark on with Chris….expectations were always clear and agreed upon; process and progress always timely (even with the rainiest spring in decades); and the team of skilled , professional craftsmen are today thought of as “family”. We are already considering our next “project” and whether it is a new home or a complete re-design, it is certain that we will rely on Chris to again exceed our expectations…” KK

The Chimney Point Cottage is the first home you see when you enter our site for a reason – it’s probably my favorite – and the owners are right up there too.  ;-)